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Saturday, September 8, 2012
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM

The NIH Impact on Prevention, Care and Research


Freda Lewis-Hall, Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Pfizer Inc.
Jonathan Rothberg, CEO, Ion Torrent
Elias Zerhouni, President, Global Research and Development, Sanofi; former Director, National Institutes of Health


Michael Milken, Chairman, Milken Institute, and Founder, FasterCures
Over the past century, the National Institutes of Health have had a profound effect on the quality and length of life of people everywhere - not only in the U.S., but globally. This impact has been demonstrated in the three areas - prevention, care and medical research. NIH investment in prevention research encompasses such areas as screenings, biomarkers, risk assessment and genetic susceptibility that alert patients and physicians to disease. Ninety percent of Ph.D. scientists rely on the NIH to support their research training, and the NIH accounts for 80 percent of all funding for non-profit medical research. In the private sector, nearly three-quarters of pharmaceutical and biotech companies have licensed patents from NIH-funded academic research, and close to 20 percent of FDA-approved drugs cite NIH patents. On this panel, for-profit company executives discuss how they interact with the NIH and how the agency's grants affect their proprietary research.

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