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Eric Perakslis
Chief Information Officer and Chief Scientist (Informatics), U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Eric Perakslis is chief information officer and chief scientist (informatics) at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Earlier, Perakslis was senior vice president of R&D information technology at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals. He began his professional career with the Army Corps of Engineers. Perakslis' research interests are enterprise knowledge management, patient stratification, health-care IT and translational informatics. He is a late-stage kidney cancer survivor and patient advocate. Perakslis has served as chairman of the Survivor Advisory Board at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey and as chief information officer of the King Hussein Institute for Biotechnology and Cancer in Jordan. He has worked with the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the Kidney Cancer Association, the Scientist Survivor program of the American Association for Cancer Research, OneMind4Research and several other nonprofit organizations. Perakslis has a Ph.D. in chemical and biochemical engineering from Drexel University and B.S.Che and M.S. degrees in chemical engineering.


Science and Progress at the FDA